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This song is by Determination.

Verse One

Embraced by hate
In this vicious world
You searched for love that was not there
Your hate
Became so real
Nobody gave you what you searched for

Verse Two

Depression takes control
As it infests your mind
Try to survive despite your pain
You died
Tried to find a way
Out of this misery
You failed

You're not alone
Never embraced by you but I know your name
You're not alone
Just embraced by this world of hate


Kill the pressure
Pour out on me
Expel pressure
A drowning inside of me...

Verse Three

Now that survived this pain
Nobody cleared up but me
What is this that you said to me?
So glad... the fact you're here today
Imagining how it would be
Without you...

Seems like I never knew you well
But I'm not afraid of you, you don't know my name
I've tried to receive you well
But I'm just here to befriend you
What is this that you said to me?
You don't know my name...
Why would you leave me?

Why would you leave me here alone?

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