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This song is by Determination.

Verse One

All my life I've been searching
For something which felt safe in my heart
But all I see are lies and emptiness
A betrayal from the start
They pass you by in your life
You ask yourself now what is right
Gotta hard decision to make
Life's there to live or to forsake
It's hard when people you love
Just turn away and you're left alone
Had enough of this lack in life
You don't know but I'm

Hear my cry...

Show what you got
Do you think that you can hurt me?
I'm not abrogation!
You tell me not
To think 'bout how you hurt me
I'm not that oblivious

Verse Two

But I found a way to overcome
All this pain in my life
Missed his calling but now I'm back again
Ready to forsake what holds me back
Still apart in me so far
As I'm left back with open scars
I am left alone without you God...

Awakening to your sound as it's beautiful to me
Awakening is my heart's desire

Hear my cry

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