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This song is by Determination.

Verse One

As the time is passing by
It makes me wonder why I felt so left behind
'Cause you're the air I breathe (You are the air that I breathe)
Why should I be afraid of anyone?
'Cause you have
You have removed every sin from my body again.
And I will believe no matter the consequences
Pull me from here to you

I'm pledging my devotion
And nothing always seems less
I'm not below the bottom
Hold my hand

When all has a reason
And time makes no season
There is no turning back
When all falls around me
I can see that you've been waiting for
And I've been waiting for...

Verse Two

As the days are passing by
I'm returning to you in the frontline
No more wasted time (No more wasted time)
When I'm down I know that you'll hear my cry
And I believe
That you bled and died for my life
My deliverer, advocate
I have faith
And the consequences will not hold me back

So what if I've been all my life
I've been alive now all this time
Thinking on I can't complete
I'm going lost - Now redeem me

So what if I've been all my life
I've been alive now all this time
Who tells the right or wrong to do?
But I can see I'm wrong as you

So what if I've lived all my life?
Haven't been alive now all this time?
Not thinking on I can complete?
I'm going lost - don't final me