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This song is by Determination.

You'll never be a part of me

Verse One

Old undying grave...
Why do you feel the way I succumb to?
The latter days reveal contentment
But those days are gone
Rain falls... And washes away the fire once burning
Why do your dreams bring hollow nights?

I always dream at night
It makes me go insane
Don't worry - I'll be all right
The blood's running down your face

But I'm hollow, I breathe out
I am stronger this way
So lonely I still doubt
I can't find my way out
I'll part

Verse Two

Lay yourself to sleep
And forget your life and watch it disappear
Now you will see what really lies beneath

Sometimes it feels like I'm alive
A sea of blood may cause to show I'm blind
Why can't I see you? Is this to believe?
This is to the other one...