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​I Need You

This song is by Determination.

Verse One

Your sorrow runs down in tears
I can see it in your eyes
It seems like no one really cares
You're looking into the ground
It feels like everyone has left
Let his love take over your heart

I need you
'Cause this world could never give me what you do
And so I need you
'Cause my life is not worthy without you
Oh without you

Verse Two

Now that love has overcome
You feel warmth inside your soul
How long will this feeling last?
You escape into a world of dreams
And he's again forgotten
Never forget who saved your life...

The day that I found you your love touched my soul
I could never turn away, then turn back when I'm old
I have realized my life ain't nuttin' without you
And now I have understood what I really gotta do
I'm amazed by your love and that you gave your son away
And I rededicate my life to you today
You forgave me my mistakes and you made my life new
But I can't make it on my own...