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This song is by Determination.

Verse One

Stand up for your faith
I know that life ain't easy but have you really chosen the right way
I'm sick and tired of you, changing the topic
Especially, you know, when we talk about the most important thing.
There's nothing to hide but to wake up and realize
That all the time you've been living a lie
You gotta turn away from that and make up your mind
Be left behind or taken to this side

Don't turn your back 'cause you're accepted as you are
I know this is the better way
Don't turn your back. Don't run away
You could be saved if you stayed

Verse Two

I don't think you even know what life is about
You steered in the wrong way and now you can't get out
Your contentment is found in objects of death
But you never even looked at the one who gave you ya breath
You don't know what real life can be like
And you don't listen. How can you be so sure that you're right?
Everything was offered and you just let it be
But it's never too late, you can still be set free

Emptiness, fallen into illusion
Dark weakness fills the soul...
Immediate repentance...

And I know my faith is real
I know before what I kneel
Don't turn your back

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