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Deep Inside

This song is by Determination.

Verse One

Like waking up from a bad dream
You're coming to the point of decision
Never really knew what's going on
But now I can see
Whatever comes from hate is not going to end
Turn the path to the other side - stop to bend
Gotta cause for a sensation
Realizing, building accumulation
Gotta stop you in the frontline
Taking you back to the start
With your quest deep inside

Alive or fallen deep within?
Breathe in
It's up to you don't give in

Still reaching out
It's all your life
You're not awakening
Torn down inside to free your mind?
You're fallen deep within
Still anguish after your perception
But it will turn away as you open your eyes

Verse Two

And the pain goes on
Everybody tries to bring you down
Throw around, beat you up upon a hard ground
Gotta know who you really are
Deep inside
Don't let the others change your mind
Not from the outside
The J, the E, the S, the you to S
There's no one here to blame
It's time for you to confess
What you stand for
What you believe in
Just back to the start
With your quest deep inside

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