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All My Life

This song is by Determination.

Verse One

I'm so self-centered in my life
Ignored, abused your sacrifice
I am not alive
I'm turning back again this time
Never meant to leave you behind
I am not alive

And I'll crawl to the place where you sigh
As you're always with me, all my life
And I'll search for I am purified, you'll find...
As you're always with me, all my life

Verse Two

But you still take me as I am
I see you're right and I'm broken
I am not alive
I know I promised you to stay
I left and took the other way
I am not alive


You'll find, you'll find...

And I know you still care for me...
You know my thoughts, you see through me
And I am sure

You'll find a way in me...

"All Glory and praise to our Lord Jesus who has taken every sin from us. You alone are worthy of my praise..."

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