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This Broken Halo

This song is by Desultory and appears on the album Counting Our Scars (2010).

There is no truth
Break the illusion
Will you submit
To this confusion
We have no choice
Breath out our sickness
It's a mistake
It's a delusion

We're all outnumbered
Were all alone
Let those sinners
Cast their stone
Clear this path
Road to damnation
Now it's too late
To find salvation

So leave this broken halo
Leave it all behind
You can't erase this madness
Can't rewind
Never again you told me
Never again you said
We will all burn together
When all is dead

Chaos - damn this charade
Sinking in malice
Faking our masquerade
Twisting in madness

It's getting close now
Inhale the tension
There is no time
For your redemption
Before the storm
It all subsides
Now it's over
Close your eyes

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