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This song is by Destruction Made Simple and appears on the album Terror Stricken Youth (2003).

Medicine not the only curse or is it what you want to give
Troubled times destroy sunshine causes toil on my soil
Freedom lost chaos caused
Will your soul remain forgiven
Children die people cry pity for the hypocrites
Rotten fruit is in the air when our mothers become despaired
Pennies for a bullet shell
When your smoke stacks choke my sun
I want you do you want me
I want to free you
Believe me I hate you
You wanted to be me
I wanted to fuck you you want to fuck me
I wanted to be you
I'm your medicine
Your country failed your people bailed
Your laws are lost, "Nah fuck the cause"
Religions gone- a devil spawned
Your guns are (your) peace your hate is released
You want a revolution
You want me to execute any person
Medicine- Not what I'm giving
Renaissance- Not what I want

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