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Savage Night at the Opera

This song is by Destroyer and appears on the album Kaputt (2011).

A savage night at the opera.
Another savage night at the club.
Let's face it, old souls like us are being born to die!
It's not a war till someone loses an eye!

Yes, I'm familiar with your scene.
Some would say, shockingly uptight.
21-gun salute to the Fallen Birds Of The Sky.
I heard their record, it's alright...
Hey, Infinite Sense Of Value...
Hey, Infinite Sense Of Value...
Hey, Mystic Prince Of The Purlieu At Night!
I heard your record, it's alright...

You'll never guess just what I've seen...
A horse abandoned midstream...
Quatrain etched on a dirtpile...
Quatrain etched, hey that's your style!

You'll never guess just where I've been...
A life abandoned midstream...
Quatrain etched on a turnstile...
Just set the loop and then go wild-

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