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Destroyer (1995)Edit

Destroyer - Destroyer


  1. J. Tailor
  2. Leave Little Fiddler (Alone)
  3. Dogs Know More Than This
  4. Saddestroyer
  5. Sad Kennedy, Blue Destroyer
  6. Rose Fleched This
  7. Karen Is in Rome
  8. Whistilin' Dixie (She Shoots)
  9. Knowing When to Leave (Slang Mix)

We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge (1996)Edit

Destroyer - We'll Build Them A Golden Bridge

We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge

  1. Revolution
  2. J. Tailor
  3. Smith
  4. I, As McCarthy
  5. Mending Song
  6. Leave Little Fiddler (Alone)
  7. The Pornographers
  8. War on Jazz
  9. Islands in the Stream
  10. Saddestroyer
  11. Streets of Fire
  12. Rose Fleched This
  13. Breakin' the Law
  14. Whistilin' Dixie (She Shoots)
  15. Riots
  16. Knowing When to Leave (Slang Mix)

Ideas for Songs (1997)Edit

Destroyer - Ideas For Songs

Ideas for Songs

Side A
  1. A Month in the Country
  2. Song About Disappointment
  3. Spring Cleaning
  4. No One Needs to Know
  5. Death to the Northern Man
  6. Child of Styx
  7. Marrying the Hammer
  8. Nothing Against You (Bored Spectre)
Side B
  1. Song About a Girl Up to a Point
  2. The Terror Serves a Purpose
  3. Leaving London
  4. Untitled
  5. Forget America
  6. Stuffed and Sick
  7. The Leg We Stand On
  8. Why Banacek Doesn't Love

City of Daughters (1998)Edit

Destroyer - City Of Daughters

City of Daughters

  1. Comments on the World As Will
  2. No Cease Fires! (Crimes Against the State of Our Love, Baby)
  3. The Space Race
  4. Dark Purposes
  5. Emax I
  6. I Want This Cyclops
  7. Loves of a Gnostic
  8. Emax II
  9. State of the Union
  10. School, and the Girls Who Go There
  11. Melanie and Jennifer and Melanie
  12. War on Jazz II or How I Learned to Love the War on Jazz
  13. Emax III
  14. You Were So Cruel
  15. Signs
  16. Rereading the Marble Faun
  17. Son of the Earth

Thief (2000)Edit

Destroyer - Thief


  1. Destroyer's the Temple
  2. To the Heart of the Sun on the Back of the Vulture, I'll Go
  3. The Way of Perpetual Roads
  4. Canadian Lover/Falcon's Escape
  5. City of Daughters
  6. Every Christmas
  7. Mercy (We Had the Right)
  8. Queen of Languages
  9. I.H.O.J.
  10. In Dreams
  11. Death on the Festival Circuit
  12. M.E.R.C.I.
  13. Thief

Streethawk: A Seduction (2001)Edit

Destroyer - Streethawk- A Seduction

Streethawk: A Seduction

  1. Streethawk I
  2. The Bad Arts
  3. Beggars Might Ride
  4. The Sublimation Hour
  5. English Music
  6. Virgin with a Memory
  7. The Very Modern Dance
  8. The Crossover
  9. Helena
  10. Farrar, Straus & Giroux (Sea of Tears)
  11. Strike
  12. Streethawk II

This Night (2002)Edit

Destroyer - This Night

This Night

  1. This Night
  2. Holly Going Lightly
  3. Here Comes the Night
  4. The Chosen Few
  5. Makin' Angels
  6. Hey, Snow White
  7. Modern Painters
  8. Crystal Country
  9. Trembling Peacock
  10. I Have Seen a Light
  11. Students Carve Hearts Out of Coal
  12. Goddess of Drought
  13. Self Portrait with Thing (Tonight Is Not Your Night)
  14. The Relevant Ballads
  15. The Night Moves

Your Blues (2004)Edit

Destroyer - Your Blues

Your Blues

  1. Notorious Lightning
  2. It's Gonna Take an Airplane
  3. An Actor's Revenge
  4. The Music Lovers
  5. From Oakland to Warsaw
  6. Your Blues
  7. New Ways of Living
  8. Don't Become the Thing You Hated
  9. Mad Foxes
  10. The Fox and the Hound
  11. What Road
  12. Certain Things You Ought to Know

Notorious Lightning and Other Works (2005)Edit

Destroyer - Notorious Lightning And Other Works

Notorious Lightning and Other Works

  1. Notorious Lightning
  2. New Ways of Living
  3. The Music Lovers
  4. An Actor's Revenge
  5. Don't Become the Thing You Hated
  6. Your Blues

Destroyer's Rubies (2006)Edit

Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies

Destroyer's Rubies

  1. Rubies
  2. Your Blood
  3. European Oils
  4. Painter in Your Pocket
  5. Looter's Follies
  6. 3000 Flowers
  7. A Dangerous Woman Up to a Point
  8. Priest's Knees
  9. Watercolours into the Ocean
  10. Sick Priest Learns to Last Forever

Trouble in Dreams (2008)Edit

Destroyer - Trouble In Dreams

Trouble in Dreams

  1. Blue Flower/Blue Flame
  2. Dark Leaves Form a Thread
  3. The State
  4. Foam Hands
  5. My Favorite Year
  6. Shooting Rockets (From the Desk of Night's Ape)
  7. Introducing Angels
  8. Rivers
  9. Leopard of Honor
  10. Plaza Trinidad
  11. Libby's First Sunrise

Bay of Pigs (2009)Edit

Destroyer - Bay Of Pigs

Bay of Pigs

  1. Bay of Pigs
  2. Ravers

Kaputt (2011)Edit

Destroyer - Kaputt


  1. Chinatown
  2. Blue Eyes
  3. Savage Night at the Opera
  4. Suicide Demo for Kara Walker
  5. Poor in Love
  6. Kaputt
  7. Downtown
  8. Song for America
  9. Bay of Pigs (detail)

Poison Season (2015)Edit

Destroyer - Poison Season

Poison Season

  1. Times Square, Poison Season I
  2. Dream Lover
  3. Forces from Above
  4. Hell Is an Open Door
  5. The River
  6. Girl in a Sling
  7. Times Square
  8. Archer on the Beach
  9. Midnight Meet the Rain
  10. Solace's Bride
  11. Bangkok
  12. Sun in the Sky
  13. Times Square, Poison Season II

Other SongsEdit

  1. The Spirit Of Giving

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