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This song is by Destroy Miranda.

Mass obsession mislead.
I can always hear your angry throat enmasse generation over radio, so general, beautifully ill gracing magazine stands in this gorgeous train wreck in your polish of politics. we can see it in your doll eyes, anger without a base, why are your knuckles so white, a frachised rage.
Sealed up locked up tight your contract lives a buy out of emotion, the ugly symmetry, the ephemeral light, a mirrored breakdown, can we change this hollow hatred into demand, can we change these hollow markets into forums.
Mass obsession mislead.
So enraged in this full swing paradigm, a bankruptcy in education and parenting, beautifully ill gracing magazine stands, marketing the shiny emptiness of abandonment.
We can see it in your doll eyes, it's your fathers fate, were all empty shells to be addicted and filled.
The emotion of the young a reprisal of gunshots