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Hang The Vermin

This song is by Destroy Destroy Destroy and appears on the album Devour The Power (2006).

Blood stains run down the castle walls,
Down the stairs and into green gold
Shadows of an invisible war haunt the streets
Mass hysteria tramples the old,
Drowns the young into the depths of a torror whose treachery runs deep
Deep enough to disembowel the earth

Grab them by the throat, rip out a chunk and salt the hole
Reputation is inept when waging war
The death of a holy one is worth fighting for
Hang the vermin!

We will exterminate the night
You'll be the first to die at the gallows

The sound of your spin snap tingles me to the bone
Retrubution is a cause worth fighting for, The whores of restlessness are begging for more
We're on the brink of the death of a golden age, an age where all there is to get paid

At the price of the golden age, all the damage done

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