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​By His Stripes

This song is by Destroy All Robots.

Stolen charred dark of my heart is so starkly
Contrasted against the lights of the sky.
Pathways derived from the constellation's stride -
Arrogant, I would think them my guide.

My selfish faith, this saving grace.
Are these chains not loosed from me?
I breathe contempt, I've no defense.
We have everything we need.

Marred endless days I spent aching for truth,
And forty long nights to be spoken of too.
You're so casually revered, but I need You here,
I need to dry my trembling face upon Your beard

I drift apart from what's discerned,
Come hell or high water I've learned.
I breathe contempt, I've no defense.
I curse Your name almost every day.

The hull is snapping, my voice is cracking,
Water floods my lungs and chest,
I don't know what to do -
I'm saline and salted, stricken bereft,
I shake and I shake but there's just nothing left.
So I grab Your hand, but I thrust stakes in,
Acting charming, coy, uncertain of my sin.
But through the holes in Your hands,
I can see everything;
The meaning of the world, human history.
The book is sealed, let my will be Thine,
For by Your wounds - not mine - are we healed.

Stave off the cold, stave off the cold.
No, I am not my failures.
I will tread water no more, (my heart is Yours)
For I have washed along these shores -
To Jesus Christ, my Saviour.