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​Very Important Pointless

This song is by Destrage and appears on the album Urban Being (2007).

Born in the world of unheard voices, a privilege for spotless daughters
Talk like a duck, think like a dog
Please let me see more deeply...
You've sold your self from god to them, to gain your pride or something else?
Believe me, you must be careful,
You risk to gain just breadcrumbs

Bounce! Now look behind, you've lost your brain
For find a new "all wise"

Completely drunk of this GAME
Running through this way
Just to hear me say "you're OK!"

Layout of public affair
No observations
Your far-out world will fade!

Hating the masses annoying you
But you're waiting for the biggest front page

Let's talk about your beautiful smile, it's just good to make me cry
Fake like a dolls, fake like your eyes
Fake like the words you said, erase
Your stupid trust, your fucking drugs
You're fancy careful perfect mask
Welcome back to my real world,
Where people toil for one crumb!

Completely drunk of this game
Bring me outside, I need more than this offer
A happy end could be great...
"We are sorry, but we exhausted it yesterday!"

Famous just for being famous!
Illusion of self worth...
Just for being famous!
Enjoy your high life style
Massy and blind consumer!
You find your skills in shoppers
Dresses and plastic cure!
Bought at a middle price... conscious of those deeds... you've continued your best trip
Despise the fan who feeds you... you are a benefactors traitor, burn!

Plastic on your face, without exceptions, you are my greatest enemy
Greeting from the crew, and from your "master"
Intent to exploit your image!