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Smell You Later Fishy Bitch

This song is by Destrage and appears on the album The King Is Fat 'n' Old (2010).

Would I pay a pizza 80 bucks?
It's not time that will make the pizza fine
You're not a vintage wine
You're not a fancy off-dry
You're on the wrong shelf

Would you use Britney Skye to have a match on a Sega Mega Drive?
Would you use this guitar riff to prepare your mum a spaghetti pie?
With that I didn't mean talking to you is wrong
It's just improper use
Father said so

I will not overpay and over wait
Don't like the mozzarella to go cold
Is the margherita theory

Don't go cross thinking I don't want you for what you are not

Girl I say
May god me me gay someday
May god make me gay on Sunday


Written by:

Paolo Colavolpe

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