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Infinite Dump System Circle

This song is by Destrage and appears on the album Urban Being (2007).

Your kind of life is
Portrait of new damage desire
Design of world blinded by illusion
Winners are wick and you are the maker of this crime
Come out come out come out and let me see your face

This time you won't desert you'll be forced to do and you'll be forced to say
Try to link your mind with your mouth up
You're like a hang jury!

My friend believe me don't face every difficulty
You will encourage with our promises

Oh here's your fault

You think (you think) the shortest way to win in your life is now the better one
Oh no my dear, you'll slip on your fear

Like a crump that now it's ready to explode
And you are waiting for the verdict of guilty
But now I find you behind a good-face mask
Come out come out come out and let me watch your skin

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