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This song is by Kelly Rowland and appears on the album Simply Deep (2002).

I wanna love together
Kissing and touching feels better
Now that I have, have you
I couldn't ask for nothing more

Like a misty breeze on a summer day
Or the warmth of sun after rain
You always seem to balance me with your love
If you're far away, I want you near
Might sound cliche'
But my words are so sincere
Can you taste the joy inside my tears?
I'm so in love

I have found love's treasure
In this ocean of pleasure
And now that I have, have you
I won't search for anything more

Ooh, love, what have you done to me?
This crazy feeling, I can't describe
It feels like love, it must be love
It must be love
Feels like snow caressing mountaintops
When I see your eyes from afar
All I can do is run with open arms
And love with all I got
I feel so at home
When we're alone

Love, when I'm in your arms
Feels like I'm melting into you
You keep me so warm
Ooh, I feel so high above
Caught a glimpse of heaven in your eyes
Thanks for showing me love
You love so good

Baby, we'll grow together
This is a joint endeavour
And there's nothing I'd rather see
Than the love in your eyes for me
'Cause this feeling is so surreal
You touch me places I didn't feel
I used to want, but now I will trust in love
I'm elated and overjoyed
Over this connection of girl and boy
I was empty till you filled the void
I'm so in love

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