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Madame Guillotine (Hang Them High)

This song is by Destiny and appears on the album Beyond All Sense 2005 (2005).

If we're gonna have full control,
Many heads will have to roll.
Up and down! Now is the day!
The day has come, when they have to pay.
For all the tears and all the hate.
For them it's now too late.
Now we are ready, the time has come.
Scream and shout it out.

Tonight they stand together,
No more King and Queen.
They won't live forever;
They're waiting for the guillotine.

All those years in hell
Now we broke their spell,
So it's time for them to die.
To many lives on the run,
For all that they have done.
So let's hang them high.

So many died for the aristocrats.
Hunt them like living rats.
Kill more, kill more!
For what they've done to the poor.
Fight for your home and bread,
Or it will be your death.
If we're going to have full control,
Heads will have to roll.

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