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This song is by Destiny and appears on the album Atomic Winter (1988).

The triangle, it's a mystery.
Disappearing, both ships and planes.
What kind of a secret?
We can only guess.

In Bermuda,
We don't stand a chance.

There must be night,
In Bermuda.
Use all your light,
To find what's going on.

Is it heaven or hell?
Only time will tell
If it dares to show itself,
Dares to show itself.

How will we find it?
How will we find the key?
How will we break the block
Of the mystery?

There must be night
In Bermuda.
Use all your light.
We must have peace of mind
And common sense.

And what if we find it,
If we find the key.
Are we sure we want to open
The door to our DESTINY...

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