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Why Don't We Fall In Love

This song is by Destiny's Child.

Music starts

So many things I'm going through
So much that I wanna do
It's starting to become so clear to me,tomorrow ain't really garenteed.
So many days I thought of you, It's about time you know the truth.
Got to act quickly,you and I, we fall in love so many reasons why.

Why don't we
So why don't we
why don't we
Why don't we
why don't we fall in love.
(why don't we fall in love)
It's so many reasons, it's the only thing that matters to me.

It takes off a load just to let you know,
That your the only one I never want to go
Things I never did now I want to do
A love I never felt now I'm feelin you
Why, I'll just swallow each and every ounce of my pride.
Everything you do I wanna feel again, ain't no use for us to pretend.

Repeat Chorus till end
music fades

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