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Decades Of Execution

This song is by Destillery and appears on the album Behind The Mask (2000).

Facts of the case are inhuman
Desperate act, moments of madness predominate
No one's the judgement of pleasure and pain
No execution, no killer, no beast need this system

Death will come soon in Huntsville a few decades go by
Death row never obstructs the dead of mortal human kind

Is it just a dream, a fantasy
Or maleficent reality
In a good state of mind
You pay the price
The executor rolls the dice

Death will come soon in Huntsville a few decades go by
One more time you leave the fortless even when you die

You're tearing us apart
Time will never change
Entomb the rest of my soul alive
Don't forget you pay a high price
Death row opens the gates

Ohoho a question of conscience
Pull out all the stops to safe my life
Ohoho reprisal not prevent
The sadness to your end

With a poor sense of direction
You follow the keepers
To the last station
Of your protracted
Trials and tribulations
A short prayer
The feed the cold metal cuffs
The executor closes the circuit
See you in hell

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