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Second Chances

This song is by Desperate for Compromise.

And I know that I am stupid for giving second chances to you, I just thought you would use me. Maybe I'm crazy, I just think you'll change, into something, something better, something different. Oh why, do I keep putting myself through this, when I know what's gonna happen?

I open myself up to you again
And you push me off of the edge again
Words that you say are like knives in my chest
I'm bleeding my heart out for nothing again
Nothing again

You cry, but I know you don't care, there's no remorse
In those tears, you like to watch me suffer again and again
Will I ever see an end to this bullshit?
Don't play this game, your lies are stale, played out, you have no shame, I can't believe every smile that you gave me was fake, I'll take the time, and find a way to erase.

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