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Imported Love

This song is by Despair and appears on the album Beyond All Reason (1992).

You man
Lonely man
I know she'll satisfy your needs
Tell her what you prefer
I guess you've had problems with girls
It ain't so easy to
Find the one that will be kind to you
I've got a big choice for you
So choose the right one
To satisfy your selfishness

Can't you feel the pain she feels
Can't you see it in your eyes
Suck me
I don't believe a word
Don't you tell me tales of love

One man buys
And one man sells
Brown skin, black hair
Exotic flair
You deal with living flesh
You order feelings for cash
So nice
She looks like a child
You order women whose names you can't spell out right
Like if they are wares
I don't believe in your tales of loves

The cry
Of the mistreated
The accusations of the one you've beaten
I hope it will
Echo in your ears
Can't you see
The stream of her tears
Your desire
Is her fate
You crush her soul
Without a trace of shame
I just got contempt for you
I don't believe in your

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