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Courtesy Call

This song is by Desoto Jones and appears on the album Aurora (2007).

So before you go, could you read my mind?
'Cause lately I've lost control, and my chest weighs a ton.
I've seen love, or at least I thought so. but maybe I was just too young to know the difference.
For the sake of us both, could you cheer up some more?
This won't last past the door, I thought that was clear.
Horns will sound, and it's off my shoulders.
Maybe I've become too numb to love.
I held you close and felt your soul beg for comfort, but I can't be home for you.
You turned away and went to sleep, and when you woke up I was gone. what a big mistake.
I've seen love, or at least I thought so. I've seen strength smashed and broken

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