Desert Rose Band:In Another Lifetime Lyrics

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In Another Lifetime

This song is by Desert Rose Band and appears on the album Pages Of Life (1990).


It would take another lifetime
To see what I have done
Have I lived through the best times
Have I hurt anyone

Just to do it all over
Make it all rhyme
Like a book with no cover
Like a page out of time

If I had another lifetime
If I had another day
I might have walked a straighter line
I might have known what to say
In another lifetime
In another day
If I say what's on my mind
Would you love me anyway

Started walkin' down a one-way-street
Now I can't return
Ain't nobody's comin' after me
This is the lesson I learned

I'm no stranger to the bad times
I'll just stand my ground
And remember that the good times
Don't always come back around

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