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This song is by Descent Superb.

Play me your song,
I will dance for it
Show me the hoop I will,
Jump through it
Give me your love I will,
Sell my soul for it
Show me the end,
I will run to it

In my innocent way

Give me a chance,
I will cling to it
Show me your light,
I'll play blind to it
Give me your heart,
I'll bow down to it
Don't tear apart what was,
Born as one

In my innocent way

Unleash the wave,
I'll stand tall to it
Once again I am,
Equal to it
Come crying winds I am,
Defenseless, but,
Unafraid of the,
Tears and blood

In my innocent way

Give me your truth,
I will die fo it
Tell me your wants,
I am obedient
Discard them all I am,
The only one
Your volunteers could not,
Give a fuck
Lay down the law I am,
Tread in your wake,
I am reverent
Come part my waves you are,
Heaven sent

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