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Statue Of Liberty

This song is by Descendents and appears on the album Milo Goes To College (1982).

well the people walk all around the thing on an island
very far from here
they pay it homage like a god a
nd they paint it on each and every year
a sign for all it was given to us
and we all appreciate this bomb
the toursits don't know and never will
it has no use

it's meaning is gone the statue of liberty
and for united we stand we all agree it's a mystery
but why'd they give it to us?
we still don't know just why it came a present from god
or by the rain
the crowds swarm wildly to see it's peak
when i watch i go insane
why is it so important to them
what is the beauty they see in it
i don't know why i just accept it i don't want it cause it makes me sick

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