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Artificial Life For Eternity

This song is by Descend Into Nothingness and appears on the album Darkened Reality (2003).

In a futur not far away
Knowledge about life itself
Has so much evolved
That death is now rare and forgotten
Without fear of dying
Humanity is desecrating
Taking all risk for his own gain
The end is now temporary pain

Artificial life...
... For eternity

Mastering the art of cloning
We have become our own makers
The world is overpopulated
And real humans are disappearing

People who commit suicide the next day are getting revived
Force to enroll in therapy that can last eternally
There is really no more exit for thos lost souls
They'll have to deal with their suffering... over and over

Time is not precious anymore
And life has become tasteless
Cause there's no longer an end
Or at least, none that we knows of

Artificial life...
... For eternity

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