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​Visions In The Autumn Shades

This song is by Desaster and appears on the album A Touch Of Medieval Darkness (1996).


Tortured by the heat of endless summer days, awaiting the vast autumn storms

Feel the winds of vengeance
Around your soul
Await the first storms
You are longing for

Feel the growing cold
From day to day
As the autumn shades rise
More and more

The last warmth is feeble...

I start my ceremony
Lonely and dark
Summon the almighty forces
For another curse

Hear the lonely cries
Of a suffering soul
Tortured by light and day
Seeking his time

I bath in solitude...
And drown myself in sorrow...

Abstract figures
Appear in the fire
When the summer is gone
And cold rules night and day
Now the time is near
Many days I counted
Now the storm is blowing
I summond before
Welcome to another
Hellish dream
All my spiritual power
Is now within

Flames are dancing
In my glancing eyes
I stare in the dark
And the land beyond
Burning October sky
Hear my screams
Make my vague visions
A clear world
Now and forever