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​Devil's Sword

This song is by Desaster and appears on the album A Touch Of Medieval Darkness (1996).

(Okkulto 8/95)

Never forget the roots, this song is done in honour of the godfathers of
Unholy metal.the beginning rules supreme!

Once a sword was forged in hellfire
To bring all the evil to men
Hate, death and destruction
Should be spreed on earth

An edge harder than all
Forged with the wrath of Satan
The prince of the underworld
Awaits now his return

Damned into the abyss
Black creatures formed the steel
His origin in his power
Nothing resists his stroke

Prepared in endless hours
Ready to serve the lord
Leave the empire of Satan
To fight the world of god

Blood is freezing in my veins
Your wrath reigns in my soul
I raise my armand say:

Devil's sword
I fight with you ...

(Repeat first verse)