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Lord Of The Ring

This song is by Des Ark and appears on the EP Live on WXDU (2006).

I never met a chase that I could not catch
Never fallen in love and not been bored with it.
I never asked a lover for their help
You learn better when you're always
Picking lovers who can't help themselves.

And I don't wanna try so hard anymore,
I don't want a fucking lover who makes me feel like a failure.
It ain't about the saints that we shoulda been
What is done is done, I'm heartbroken,
And I'm dealing with it.

Oh it feels good to be used when you're using. x 3

It's a given that you love her
But what would you think
If you fucked her and she cried
"Your love is poisoning me"
Which is exactly what I meant when I said it
The only way I know to say I Love You anymore,
Is to let you go.

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