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Why Should I Love You

This song is by Des'ree and appears on the album Mind Adventures (1992).

Why should I love you?
You treat me so bad, you make me glad
Why should I care for you?
I'll tell you my feelings honestly

There are few factors that lie in your favour
Yet I'm attracted, oh so distracted
Pride may ruin you slowly, harbouring feelings
You never let go

Trying to tell me that I'm in the wrong
Though we've been together for so long
There is something there that I need
Yet far away from you I can be free

You wake up the sun shines on your face
You crack a smile you've got big plans today
Your freedom lies way up in the skies
You'll fly high with invisible wings

Why should I love you?
You're makin me so glad, so sad
Why should I care for you?
You're makin me so glad, so sad

Ooo ooooh oooo, oooh oooh, ohh oooh oooh


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