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​Diggin' U

This song is by Deryk Cole.

I got my hair down and my Sean John crested
White Tee and my iced out piece
Fitted to the left J's on my feet
Pocket full of dough
And her eyes on me

They say that we should be more then friends
'Cause I don't have a girl and you don't
Have a man
So why we both play these games that we play
So patiently wasting this night out away
You said

You're not looking for relationships (me to)
Just looking for a friend to kick it with (we do)
I'm digging you, you digging me
I can tell cause your eyes on me

Baby I wish that I was your clothes
How your jeans touch when dance on the floor
So I (can get next to you) and my eyes
(Keep undressing you)
Oh I'm (getting fresh with you) but
I can't help myself

I can't let you go (Let you go)
There's something about your flo'
(Your flow)
That makes me want you more
Even more (Even more)