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​Lover Part 2

This song is by Derek Webb and appears on the album i see things upside down (2004).

I'm living in a car graveyard
My heart is up on blocks
I'm dying on a sail torn ship
I'm wrecking on your rocks
I've got a promise breaking foolish heart
That's broken into three
You took it Father, Son, and Ghost
And I have been set free

I'm dressed up like it's halloween
I'm greedy at your door
I'm naked as a crime scene
You're murdered on my floor
Though I'm cornered by the words I say
You're telling me to speak
You teach me how to kill and be killed
And how you set me free

I am my beloveds and my beloveds mine
And I am as surprised as any man born blind
But it's still coming in blurry
The images I see
But someday it will all come clear
And I will be set free