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Pray For Me

This song is by Derek Sholl and appears on the album DonT Threaten Me With A Good Time (2006).

He had a bottle in his left hand a cigarette in his right
I thought now there's a sinner when he asked me for a light.
He hit me for a dollar I just turned and walked away. I was feeling high and mighty when I heard him say
Pray for me, pray for me, pray for me
And I will pray for you

I thought who is he to pray for me as I hit my power lock
Again the weight of my hypocrisy fell on me like a rock
I caught him at the corner I gave him my last ten
I said please forgive me brother and until we meet again

You know each of us is broken somewhere deep inside
And were really not that different if you strip away the pride
We've all got our struggles and chains that we can't break
And you'll never know the difference one simple prayer might make
I stood there on the corner and I watched him drifting off
As the sun behind St. Marys made the shadow of a cross
On a street, busy people going places on the run
And felt like calling to each and every one

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