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This song is by Derdian and appears on the album Revenge (2001).

A hundred years before the appeasement of the world
It was a time of blood-thirsty savage fighters
They lived by hunting and cannibalism
And the extinction hanging over them

Power they have
Fire from their eyes
And they were guided by a wise
There were two lines
Derdian is the bad part
And remaining lands form an alliance of religions

Fireland's boiling ground
Transcendent dream you found
Merciless clash of this heart
Death advance with her wings
What a dark past life in human's history!
And between these two lines
Damned hate for hard fight
Double impact generated
By desire of wanted subjugation

Fighters meet their swords under the moonlight
Until the same night, until nothing has been done
Years of war destroyed the world
Triumph of Derdian's still hard-won fight


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