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​Tortured Soul

This song is by Deranged Youth.

Will you take my life in one breath
Will you subside into witnessing my death
Because when what's gone is gone
And what's left is left
Will you keep in mind
My selfish death
Will you remember the times that we had together
Will you keep these in mind forever
Will you mourn the loss of a loved one
Or will you celebrate the loss of a hated one
Will you even shed a tear when my life is done
Do you remember all the times we had when we were young
I was such a care-free and happy one
But that was just on the outside
All the while I was being tortured on the inside
And the only way to be happy
The only way to be finally free
Is to take my life with my own hand
To finally leave this corrupted land
And on the next day
The sun will be shining away
Totally oblivious to my deed
While so many men will pay no heed
In the fields the dandelions will still dance
While the deer still prance
And a new day will shine
There will be no sorrow or moral
Because the life lost was mine
A kid of only fifteen years old
And my life is thrown into the wind like dust
And is lost with barly even a gust.