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​Personal Hole

This song is by Deranged Youth.

Come to me... Cure my soul... The spirit within... Cutting is free... Can't stand this hole... dying again...

Go ahead and kick me when I'm down, impossible to when I'm high
Because I always seem to be in the mood to die

Alone Alone Alone
I'm crying for help for forgiveness I'm crying for anything to patch the wounds
Though despite my efforts I can't be helped while wrapped in my cacoon
You gave me this, those feelings I felt

I want to curl up in a hole and die

Lets all gather and watch as my soul begins to fry
A favorite living passtime because in this world slow murder is no crime

I want to curl up in a hole and die

Help me help me help me
I'm alone alone alone
Save me save me save me
Just take me to your home
Rejection... another wound again...

I'm curled up in my own hole