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​Journey For You

This song is by Deranged Youth.

Whenever you are around I feel complete. When I look into your eyes my soul sinks for I know I can never be as great as you. The strength you have given me, though, gives me hope.
So despite those feelings of self hatred I push on.
I push through the most troublesome years of my life due to the love your smile fills my heart with.
My mind turned into Hell but I still go on for I know at the end will be an elixer... you.
You are my Shangrila though probably just like me you loathe and despise me. So I push through this Hell searching for you, to discover mountains reaching as high as Zeus's castle. I climb that mountain to see if the Godesses really are the most beautiful beings only to discover that they are as hideous as Medusa compared to you.
I head on through a dry hot desert. I look at ancient pictures to see people worshipping an empress that resembles you. When I see this picture my mouth fills with water and I push on... on to Shangrila... on to you...
I feel better about myself now that I have made it to you And though I am still not worthy of you, you have given me hope to go on...