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​Haunting Memory

This song is by Deranged Youth.

Im confused and stuck in my head
It always seems that you... you want me dead
Well I can't stand the pain hurt
Want to see my wound? then lift up my shirt lift up my skin
And I'm bleeding again
Lose yourself in my eyes
Lose all your self control
My fears slowly rise
Their back the stories of old

My darkest demons from the past
Forever they seem to last
Haunting the future hunting the present
I know ill always look back and feel resent

The montonous nights of feeling blue
The countless nights of calling for you
The endless nights of counting till two
The nights of dreaming for that smile you do
I'm waiting... to throw it all away
Tinted dreams of reality
I'm waiting for that perfect day
Tinted dreams for eternity

Denying the omnipotent power of insanity
Created by the god of travesty
Multiple dark forces pulling on me
Thundering voices in my head telling me to leave
All brought by a haunting memory
Look to the sign in the catatonic eyes
See it in the malicious behavior
The energy begins to rise
Remember me in memories unfavored