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​One Day Or So (Collaboration With Cyne)

This song is by Depth Affect.

Hello, open doors
Come on, honey, you're new to this
Red rum all over the place storms a brute witch
Can't be stopped, to the top of the Towers Of Babel
The capital of cowards who shower themselves with superpowers
I reign supreme in this reign of things
Superficial mistle of material goods you fling dream
All your money at, son, put it all on black (what?)
You go on about how you love money, how you love that?
Now, flip you like a bird, nigga, put you in the back
Throw you in seran wrap, now we makin' cash
Killin' my community but now I've got some rims
High-rise or big bits, that's how I live
Custom alligator interior, what I did
Sold their momma a hit but now look at the kids
Am I just a fresh depth of dopeboy hero or just another dumb nigga killin' of his people?

But who am I too judge what others do because their shoes don't fit my feet
Velvet lined slippers to the hardest of cleats
Think, Elohean, for a moment of peace
Hallelijuah, yo

I robot, not, shot sherriff, whoa
Mouth full of gun powder sweet, nigga blow go
March to a different drum, the drummerboy sung I didn't know he had it in him
Poetry in motion, run!
Got metaphor to escape tragedy
Crack sale, blackmail had to be consequence
Had to be consequence

Midnight in a perfect world, lookin' for a savior turning to the end of artic children for some paper
What about community? My people need some answers
Don't want to do wrong but my baby needs Pampers
Don't want to do wrong but the Chevy needs some rims
The latter statement is just a nigga committin' sins
Time and time again, watch the cycle begin
Selling your love short to ruin your next kin