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Floating on the Lehigh

This song is by Department of Eagles and appears on the album In Ear Park (2008).

If I just left for a while
Dead dusk, a dive in the cold

Floating on the Lehigh
Floating off the river
Floating on to Bethleham

Innocent pin up and bow
Whispers dragging me down
Brother, breathe easy now
Nothing's taking over you
The kids can all crowd around
The candles on the mantle wave kind regards
Regards, regards, regards

But I know for all we've done
I'd never had guessed we did this for years

Floating on the Lehigh
Carry me to rest now
Floating on to Bethleham

And in the night
We'll all lay down
And we'll let it go
Forever, and never allowed for second tries
And my, what a quiet land
And oh, what a quiet man would try to break it
It happens to be my specialty
And why, why, oh why
Why you insist on leavin' this all to the end
I'll never know


Written by:

Daniel Rossen / Fred Nicolaus

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