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The Complete Early Recordings 1929-1930 (1994)Edit

Dennis McGee - The Complete Early Recordings 1929-1930

The Complete Early Recordings 1929-1930

  1. Mon Chere Bebe Creole (with Sady Courville)
  2. Madame Young Donnez Moi Votre Jolie (with Sady Courville)
  3. Two-Step de la Ville Platte
  4. Allons a Tassone
  5. Blues du Texas (with Ernest Fruge)
  6. Happy One Step (with Sady Courville)
  7. La Valse a Pop
  8. La Valse des Vachers
  9. One Step de Mamon
  10. Courville And McGee Waltz (with Sady Courville)
  11. La Danse Carree
  12. La Valse Penitentiaire
  13. Lanse des Belaires (with Ernest Fruge)
  14. Jeunnes Gens de la Campagne
  15. Vous M'avez Donne Votre Parole (with Sady Courville)
  16. One Step de Chupic
  17. Two-Step de Grande Marais
  18. Myself
  19. La Valse de Lance Au Paille
  20. La Valse des Reids
  21. Reel Cajun
  22. Disez Goodbye a Votre Mere (with Sady Courville)
  23. Adieu, Rosa
  24. La Valse de Rosalie
  25. La Valse de la Puit D'Huile
  26. One Step des McGees

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Sunset
  2. Taunt Aline
  3. One Step Des Chameaux
  4. Two Step De La Ville Platte
  5. Allon A Tassone

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1893, d.1989
  • Instruments: Vocals, fiddle, accordion
  • One of the earliest recorded Cajun musicians.

Real name:

Dennis McGee is a performance name for Dennis (Denus) McGee.

Also known as:

Denus McGheeDenus McGeeDennis McGhee

Years active:


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