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Cranberry Road

This song is by Dennis Driscoll.

Pre-arrange a trip to meet a person that you've never even seen

Just meet them at the park June 20th six pm

Meet them at the water's edge and take a tape recorder

Don't forget to take a camera if you've got one

Plus some lovely mittens

Cranberry road

That's where I'll go

The states how low

I'm going slow

And all the joggers say hello


Cranberry road

I love that sound

That always follows me around

I'm not ashamed

My pictures framed

Her car is named reality

Seems so real to me

Is it just a dream

Balance beam

Take it all apart because it's nowhere

Take it low

Or take it high

And I don't know exactly where I have to go

I'm so dizzy look at me

Don't look through me for heavens sake

Cranberry road

So I'm told

A different dream

A lollipop

A pretty flower

Just for you

How do you do

Cranberry sky

Don't ask me why

I know I'll see you there tonight

And it will be all right

As long as we can be serene and free

Beyond the moon

We made the most of our time

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