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​How Could I Leave

This song is by Dennis Brown and appears on the album Live In Montego Bay (1992).

Whow... ho ho yeah ...yeah
Whow ho now now
Oh oh yeah... yeah

How could I leave
How could I possibly go on
If you should say goodbye
Just like a rose
If you don't water it every morn
It widthers and it dies

Promise you won't leave me
Promise you won't hurt me
Promise you won't ever make me blue
If you ever leave me, If you should desert me
Baby I don't know just what I'd do
I don't know just what I'd do
I really don't know just I'd do
Whow ho ho

It was ordained, that man should leave his mother and cling, to the woman that he loves (Ummmm yeah)
I'm very sure, that I could never love anyone
The way I love you now
Oh oh yeah

Whow ho ho ho
How could I, How could I baby
Whow ...yeah... yeah
Whow now now oh oh yeah... oh yeah

Repeat chorus until fade