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Say You'll Stick Around

This song is by Denison Witmer and appears on the album Safe Away (1998).

Open your life
Can you feel me rushing in
And unshield your mind
I can tell what you are thinking

And all you hold inside
Was just as much mine
The same questions of who
The same stories I hide
And I know that this is your beginning

Blow me a kiss
I can feel it hitting my face
And what have I missed
Why are you leaving my embrace

And what's left to do
I can think where you are
But you know that I can't blow my kisses that far
Hold my hand
While you're leaving for Japan

Say you'll stick around (3x)

Don't be surprised
Sometimes I think you're way out of my class
And push off the time
What I'm left with, you're still my photograph

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