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Keeping It Cool

This song is by Denison Marrs and appears on the album Then Is The New Now (2002).

I wish I could have talked with you
If I had the chance I would have walked with you
I could have watched you live
And watched you changing lives
And how you always give
No matter what the price

I wish I could have been with you
When all those hypocrites would run and come at you
I could have heard you say those simply brilliant words
That make them turn away
And think they're hate to be absurd

How did you always stand your ground
So well when they came at you?
How did you always seem to know just what to say and what to do?

I wish I could have followed you
And felt the peace you'd give
To all who acknowledged you
I would've watched you close
Remembering all you do
Practicing what you preached
Trying to follow through

I wish I could have known your face
And joined right by you side loving the human race
No matter what the cost
Your strength always in place
No matter how they hate
You'd always show them grace

How did you always turn it around
When they tired to play you for a fool
How did you always know when to run,
When to love, when to rage, and when to keep your cool?

When they came running
With their fingers pointing away from their own hands
You turned them around without making a sound
What was it that you wrote in the sand
When they came blaming with their fists raising
And the voices loud with betrayal and hate
You took the fall to make a way for us all
How sweet the sound of your amazing grace

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