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Fall In Love Tonight (With Collage)

This song is by Denine.


Wanna make you fall in love tonight
Do you feel alright
Do you want me like I want you boy
Wanna make you fall in love tonight
Do you feel alright
Your the only one that brings me joy

I searched for you for a long time
And for as long as the stars shine
You'll be the only love I need
Don't you know
When I see you I lose control
Yes I feel
I could never let you go
Can't you see
Its your love that truly sets me free
So tell me baby


I'm always thinking about you
All of my dreams are about you
Girl your my every fantasy
Don't you know
Without your love I just can't sleep
Can't you see
I never thought I could fall so deep
Can you feel
You've got me living my life in ecstacy
So tell be baby

Chorus (2x)

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